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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Mentor - Flight & Photography: 4 of 4, Photo art at Airports

Walking out to an airport can yield interesting aviation photography. Close shots, strong color contrasts and unusual patterns, especially when edited into digital art, can create striking works of art.

The airplane is a dramatic form itself. Knowing that, interesting patterns can be uncovered in everyday airport scenes and at community airshows.

The formation flying image captured my eye in the three strong colors in the gold, white and blue, and the strong horizon line in contrast to the curved flight of the aerobatic team.

The Travel Air is a beautiful aircraft under any condition. This one was meticulously restored and looked good at an angle capturing the whole craft and in a close up on the amazing structure of the rotary engine.

The Virgin Atlantic jet was on the ramp next to my jetliner at Dulles, waiting for a thunderstorm to clear the area. I was struck by the intensity and color in the dying thunderstorm behind the jet, as well as the strong angular line of the clouds jutting down to the airliner, reminiscent of an additional vertical fin.

Onward & Upward! ~ rfb

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