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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aerial photos of an active Volcano

Aerials on a Friday afternoon in summer are good ~ Aerials of an active volcano are better!
Part of the fun of taking aerial photographs is introducing a friend to the fun of it. Recently I flew a friend around Mt. St. Helens. These photos were taken by Michael R, his first aerial photos, taken from a C-172 open window. The contrast was increased slightly and brightness decreased slightly in Photo edit suite.
The flight was an hour and a half round trip, with 25 minutes lingering on-station, circling the remnant mountain top. The most dramatic images were shooting towards the sun with the dark foreground and colorful background and shooting east, with the wall of the crater illuminated by the setting sun and revealing the mineral complexities on it's slope, along with some ash and sheets of ice. There was no turbulence during the flight, which made for a more stable shooting platform.

onwards and upwards!

Rob Bremmer

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