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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Launching Student Award Fund!

Helping a struggling student obtain a goal, or helping someone awaken to their potential, is always a good thing! Here's how you can help.

I've set up a donation link. Donate anything, even a dollar. When a significant amount is reached, and I figure $1,000 is a reasonable threshold, I'll make a donation to help some student obtain a flying goal.

I am motivated when I think of how hard it was for me to obtain flight hours, equipment, books, training - every aspect of flying had a cost and it was not easy to do it. It took me a long time, and I had no assistance. There were people I met who could've have benefited even more than I, from assistance and I'd like to help some of those students. I'd also like to help awaken young people from difficult backgrounds to the wonders of flight, and the experience of learning to control an aircraft, and observing your world from a new perspective.

While the account is growing, I'll be looking for the best way to help a student or young person, and I am open to suggestions from you, the reader. I am particularly looking forward to reporting the results - how we have together actually made a difference. Let's see what type of a difference we can make!

Onwards & Upwards,
Rob Bremmer

1 comment:

Flight Start said...

Something keeps knocking on my heart concerning youth and flight, as I have had many conversations with young people who have no idea what, why or where they are heading in life. I've put together a business idea and plan, but myself have not completed my flight training--I'm too old to go through commercial flight school because the limited time for amortizing the student loans required.

I have been racking my brain trying to get this heart's desire off to a start, by networking, asking questions, and coming across blogs like yours.

J Oaks