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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New video spreads the word about flight!

When you look at the history of aviation and compare it to something like automobiles it's clear to anyone observing, autos got the lion's share of attention from marketing.
Autos are now integrated into every aspect of daily life, and planes are not. There is no comparative right of passage for flying such as getting your drivers license when you turn 16, unless you take extraordinary efforts to make it happen.

The reasons for this are many and clear, yet far beyond the scope of one blog post. What is certain is that any efforts made to correct the silly yet damaging myths which float about willy-nilly in society and are clung to as facts by the average non-pilot should be championed, and such is the case with "A Pilot's Story" being developed by Rico Sharqawi and Will Hawkins in Watsonville, CA.

Using a Piper Arrow, they travel, fly, interview pilots and create a script to show the wonders of flight and illustrate anyone with the knowledge of how to start and the will can do so. I'll look forward to following it's development and distribution!

You can read the full story by writer John Sammon, at this clickable link. If you want to help another learn about the pleasures of flight, make a small donation on this site to help take a child flying, or take one flying yourself and write to me about the expereince and I'll post your story on this blog.

Onwards & Upwards!

Rob Bremmer

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