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Saturday, September 12, 2009

List of planes flown

I thought it would be fun to list all the aircraft and simulators I've flown. Here is the complete list. The Aeronca Chief was by far the most fun, followed by the Great Lakes. There are memories and stories attached to each, but that can be for a later post.

Aeronca (2)
7AC (Champ), 11AC (Chief).

Aerospatiale (1)

Beech (7)
BE-77, (Skipper), C-23 (Sundowner), C-26 (Sierra), A-36 (turbo straight-tail Bonanza) ,
V-35A-TC (turbo-V tail), BeD76 (Duchess), B-55 (Baron).

Bellanca (3)
8KCAB (Decathalon), 7ECA (Citabria), B17-30A (Super Viking).

Blanik (1)

Cessna (12)
C-150, C-152, C-172, C-172R, C-172S, C-172RG, C-182, C-182S, C-182RG, C-206, C-177, C-T210, C-320.

Diamond (2)
DA20, DV20 (Katana).

Great Lakes (1)

Grumman (5)
AA-1A, AA-1B, AA-1C (Tr2Õs), AA-5A (Traveler), AA-5B (Tiger).

Kachina (1)

Maule (1)

Piper (14)
PA-22-125 (Pacer), PA-28-141 (Cherokee), PA-28-151 & 161 (Warrior), PA-28R-180 (Arrow),
PA-28-181 (Archer), PA-28-181-R, PA-28R-200 (Arrow III), PA-28RT-201 (T-tail Arrow IV),
PA-24-250 (Commanche), PA-32-300 (Cherokee-6), PA-38-301T (Turbo Saratoga),
PA-30-B (Twin Commanche), PA-44-180 (Seminole), PA-31-350 (Navajo).

Robinson (1)

Rockwell (2)
RC-112A, RC-114(Commander).

Schwieser (3)
SGS-2-33, SGS-1-26, SGS-2-8 (TG2).

Simulators (11)
ATC-510, ATC-610, ATC-710, ATC-810, Pacer Mk II, F-14-D (NASMiramar full motion and dome),
PCprograms, Macintosh programs, Frasca 141, AST-300, E-2 (NASMiramar full motion), F-14 (visual only).

Stinson (2)
108-1, 108-3 (Voyager).

Onwards & Upwards
Rob Bremmer


Lufthansa Flyer said...

That is a great list of aircraft flown. Were most of them while giving flight reviews or instruction?

Rob Bremmer said...

Hi Paul,

The answer is - both. I did not realize how lucky I was learning to fly at Santa Paula. I checked out in many interesting planes, like the Kachina Varga, at the FBO, Micheal Dewey Aviation, and just flew them for fun.

Later, in San Diego as I began instructing, anytime an interesting plane cam along, like the Rallye, I would check out in it, fly for fun, and often BFR students would arise with a desire to fly in that plane. Later, I owned an Aeronca Chief, and was a member of the antiques aircraft group, where I became one of the instructors, and gained experience in more aircraft. The F14 simulator and E2C simulator were a present from the US Navy for finding a lost drop-tank in the San Diego back country while flying low and slow in my Aeronca.

I learned to fly gliders at Borderland in Otay Mesa, near San Diego, then when I moved to Oregon I flew extensively as the Chief instructor and 135 ops for Hillsboro Aviation.

Over the years I've watched the availability of interesting aircraft available to fly dwindle, much to my disappointment. One fantasy of mine is owning a small flight training school teaching nothing but tail-daggers, soaring, and aerobatics.


Rob Bremmer