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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Amazing Production story of P-51 Mustangs

- Reno Air Races, September 2010 - 

Here is one amazing fact - the Mustang, one of the fastest, best looking and most effective aircraft of World War II went from an idea sketched on paper to flying in 120 days. Think about anything complex we try to get done in 2010 - big difference! I admire that 'Just get it done and done right, and right now!" capability. Think of how long it takes to get a permit to build a house, or how long it takes to get any new aircraft now, military or commercial, from paper to flying. This goes to show it is very possible to do things right and do it fast, too. This aircraft is proof of that fact. 

If you have never heard the roaring hum of a Merlin engine pulling a Mustang over 400 mph (this weekend, touching over 500mph) then mark your calendars for the Reno air races in September, and plan to be amazed, and plan to have a very good time.

Onwards & Upwards
Rob Bremmer

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