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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Value of an Airport

Airports are special places but when they are converted into trailer parks, shopping centers and cookie cutter track houses, the average person never thinks about the loss. But for pilots and for anyone interested in aviation, there are fewer and fewer destinations and homes for aircraft. This is tragic - it diminishes opportunity for aviation to flourish. 

I started thinking about this when I ran across a website,, that looks at the history and images of airports now buried beneath houses and stores, and lost in time. The goal of the website is to help keep these airports alive by understanding their stories. It's also a worthy goal to remind people once an airport is lost to development, it never comes back - so if you care about aviation and the freedom to fly, you'll care about the preservation and even the development of - small airports. 

I encourage you to click on the link and read a few of their stories, you'll be richer for the time spent!

Onward & Upward, 
Rob Bremmer

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