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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Renting planes like cars from Avis

Ever wish you could rent a plane like a car? I mean, why not? Look at all the extra effort it takes to get a pilot's license, yet you always have to check out, at each and every facility  Well, maybe no more. An organization is working to change that, called 'Open Airplane. I first saw an article about them in Flight Training magazine.

Fellow pilot's, we have waited for a logical step forward like this for a long time! I've signed up for their newsletter and am wishing them well as they proceed towards launching their network. You can learn more, perhaps even help. Here's a link:

Onward and Upwards,

Rob Bremmer

1 comment:

Razvan M said...

A few years ago even the car rental market was very poor but now rich people started to rent planes:) I wonder what's gonna be next? Renting a satellite or what?:)

I wonder what's the cheapest plane renting offer because I found the cheapest car rental one when I rented a car from Brasov with only 15$/day:)

But I'm sure a plane it's a different story and that people like me won't be able to rent one soon.