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Monday, March 17, 2014

Aviation Animation - How ice makes an airplane fall from the sky

The Point here is to notice how ice builds over time. It sneaks up, accumulates, and distorts the shape of the airflow around the aircraft, which is very bad when it happens on the wings! This animation also shows what happens over time, if the pilot elects to stay in the icing, (or can't escape it) and tries to stay level by pitching up as the airspeed drops off from the extra drag. Pitching up just makes the situation that much worse overall.

There are two solutions - Don't get in icing - and if you DO get into icing, get out as soon as possible. 

Rob Bremmer

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hallo Robert,

I have been looking at your various flight animations and must admit I am absolutely impressed.

I have been working in the Airline industry (not as a pilot but initially in aircraft handling/OPS) for a number of years.

I am now at Airport Bremen Germany in the Safety Office and am currently working on a project involving ground safety training for employees in their various fields.

Having had a look at your animations (especially on the ILS and VOR), I thought these would be particularly valuable in training staff working on the manoeuvering area so they know and understand the various ground based instruments even if they have had no prior exposure (eg. as pilots) to the same.

My question is, would you allow Airport Bremen to use this material for the said training purposes and if so, on what condition.

I would highly appreciate your response and can be reached on

My very best regards,

Eila Ngetha-Schneider