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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

FLYOSOPHY - Glider Pilot's Fervant Wish Taking Off on Tow

FLYOSOPHY - Most often all goes well, on tow. A smooth and serene ride to the release point. Still, it's a thin filament line between success and early release...

Lord may my rope not break
But if it must
May it not be too low
Or too slow
But make it high
And if high make it clean

Separating machines
With room to soar
And time for more
And look over the
Tow pilot too.

Onward & Upward! ~ rfb

1 comment:

Adam von Gaertner said...

Great Blog's! We are currently in Sunriver enjoying the weather. The airport is friendly and so is the atmosphere. The McMinnville air museum is one of the best in the world! No kidding great stuff. They have just started construction on hangar two. Which will be as large as the first. Amazing! I will begin part 141 training at Hillsboro on the 14th. I have been waiting for my Medical and loans to be complete. We should go flying after that. I will be PPL by Late Febuary or early March. I will continue to stop by here and post. Have a great week, talk to you soon. Adam V.