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Sunday, December 31, 2006

REVIEW - Sunriver Oregon: 2 of 2, Summer


Sunriver Oregon offers summer fun in golfing, tennis, swimming, paddling canoes, fishing, biking and more. And of course there is a good airport in the middle of it all. But mother nature often provides the best entertainment with astonishing cloud displays, especially when a thunderstorm occurs near sunset.

For several summers now I've spent time with family enjoying the natural beauty of the high desert around Sunriver and the activities available within the resort area. The entire family enjoys swimming and it's a perfect place for the kids to learn to ride a bike, with paved trails separate from streets with cars.

As a pilot, I love open space and good views of the sky and Sunriver has that and more. There is an observatory on site, staffed by volunteers, where you can spend time learning about the night time universe, but I find the most spectacular and awe inspiring moments in nature can occur as the sun is near setting and a thunderstorm is breaking up. In Sunriver, this seems to happen at least once a summer and the colors and shapes can be unforgettable.

THis URL gives you specific airport information including a live airport webcam:

Onward & Upward! ~ rfb


Patrick said...

Hi Rob, nice blog. We have a home in Sunriver in large part because we can fly in. You're dead on about what a great place it is in every season.
Patrick Flynn
Sammamish, WA
Cirrus SR22 N6099Z

Patrick said...

P.S. Love the photographs! Sunriver and the Deschutes River area of Central Oregon really lends itself to some fantastic scenery for the photographer, doesn't it?