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Saturday, December 23, 2006

REVIEW - Sunriver Oregon: 1 of 2, Winter

Sunriver Oregon is a community of homes, vacation rentals, restaurants and shops nestled in a bend of the Deschutes river, with a very nice paved and lit runway, with fuel service. It is a unique destination area with different attractions in winter and summer.

Winter in Sunriver brings temperatures in the 20's but it's a dry cold, so you won't mind much if you are dressed for the weather. Call ahead and schedule a sleigh ride in a one horse open sleigh (Yes you get to live inside the famous holiday song!). The photographic vistas are amazing, and if you can keep your camera from freezing or fogging over you can catch subtle shifts of purple pink and yellow at sunrise and sunset over vast fields of untouched white snow.

To hear sleigh bells jingling from a horse when you can't hear the muffled hoof-steps in the snow and to be aware of motion because you see it yet barely feel it as the runners glide through the snow is an unforgettable experience. Along the way you may see blue herons fishing in the Deschutes river, or coyotes hunting mice in the fields, sniffling through the snow in lonely one's and two's. You will forget you are within half a mile of a jet capabable airport and feel as if you've stepped into an old western vista.

The kids will enjoy the Christmas breakfast with Santa, and you will enjoy the accommodations and sledding or cross country skiing on the bike trails, and hills, conveniently covered with snow to suit your needs.

The airport has a 5,400 foot paved and lit runway and is served with 100LL and JetA. Airport information is at:

Sunriver resort information is at:

Resort information on the airport with live webcam is at:

Onward & Upward! ~ rfb


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