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Monday, December 25, 2006

LOGBLOG - Christmas Day flight

Christmas day flights are special. The alignment of the Holiday, good weather and an airworthy plane ready to go are too great a combination to ignore, especially when you have a friend ready to go too.

12/25/1980 - Christmas day flight with my brother.

Citabria 7ECA, N1014E, SZP to LCL. Christmas Day. Sightseeing around County.
.8 hours. 164 hours total time.

Southern California offres spectacular flying year round. Santa Paula is a unique airport worth visiting just for the history even if you are not home based there. We departed Santa Paula Runway 22 in our blue and white taildragger, headed down to the coast at Ventura, followed Highway 33 up to the Ojai Valley and then meandered down the hillside following Highway 150 along it's pathway bordering the Sespe Wilderness area, back to Santa Paula. The air was Crystal clear and calm, without a cloud in the sky. A few boaters moved about Lake Casitas, and the hills were showing the first winter green from the recent rain.

Onward & Upward & Merry Christmas! ~ rfb

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